Aim of The Institution

After the birth of a child the most important decision that parents has to take regarding his/her education is to choose the school that can provide their ward the best education and bring the overall development.
Your decision and dream can come true in our school-Siliguri National School because our main aim is “Come to learn and and go to serve.”
We, through our well qualified and efficient teachers provide the best education and also work on the overall development of the students .We don’t make them bookworm but also work on his/her other activities-such as language they use,their working style,bring out their hidden hobbies.We all work to brighten their future and make them a disciplined good citizen of our country.
In this way,they can glorify you and your name through their good and noble deed. Our mode of education is English.


Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. Parents/Gurdians are requested to collaborate in this with the authorities of the School. Regular attendance, performance of the home tasks, punctuality and cleanliness are the important aspects of the discipline.

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